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From the Essex area? Need motivation? Or just want to get thrashed for the crack? Then Essex Boot Camp is for you. With three decades of experience in the fitness industry between them James and Glynn make a knowledgeable and yet formidable team. With differing skill sets and backgrounds, sports science theory and Royal Marine know how, complement each other perfectly. And to top all that, EBC customers get a unique discount code for Contact Coffee, no brainer! 

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Jumping on the band wagon of replacing your CDT pass threatening pre workout for a coffee? But not actually sure why? Have a read up on the "Gen" from our good oppo's over at Stoic Conditioning. Conditioning for the Tactical Athlete. (Link below) STOIC CONDITIONING - CAFFEINE 

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Dits. A term used by military personnel meaning story. e.g. "spin me a dit." e.g. "your dit's are shit." This page will be used as a space for you to spin your shit ones. Not dits from the NAAFI queue, more of a blog. Whether you're doing a charity event, want to drip about new military policies, review a product or if you just want to gob off about how hoofing our coffee is and explains the geeky shit as to why you get the shits and lift twice as much as you normally could. Simply send us an email...

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